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Tudor Renovation

Kimmel Studio animated this historic 1920s estate with a contemporary spirit grounded in classic connoisseurship.


Built in 1928 by architect Lawrence Hall Fawler, author of such Maryland landmarks as the War Memorial on City Hall Plaza (1921), the John Work Garrett Library at Evergreen House (1922-41), and the Hall of Records in Annapolis (1934), this handsome stone country house was ripe for a complete renovation.

A strategic harnessing of the tension between tradition and modernity results in a light-filled and sophisticated home. Tradition dictated our avoidance of fundamental alterations to the look and scale of the beautifully-proportioned main house. At the same time, we reinterpreted and revitalized the traditional Tudor language of the home so as to serve the contemporary tastes and needs of a modern family. The kitchen, which used to be cut off from what was traditionally considered the "main spaces" became a main space in itself. Floor plan adjustments also opened the house to the gardens by adding an entry porch and a huge back porch. This blending of the indoor and outdoor rooms create light and airy spaces throughout.

We also added a double high, timber framed family room. The timber and the other materials selected speak to our preference for materials that add texture and that accrue character over years of loving use.

The main addition is the new attached carriage house. It tells a story of evolving needs. It looks as if it were a carriage house which was later connected to the main house through a glass hyphen. Featuring a fireplace and panoramic views to the lush garden, the glass hyphen has become one of the family's favorite hangouts.

Location: Pikesville, Maryland

Interior Designer: Mona Hajj Interiors

Builder: Horizon Builders

Photography: Jennifer Hughes Photography

Photography: Pieter Estersohn Photography


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