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Tidewater Farmhouse

There is something familiar in the shapes you see in this large waterfront estate. This is

because the simple lines echo the once ubiquitous farmhouses of the Eastern Shore.

The tidewater farms of Maryland's Eastern Shore inspired us to draw the contours of this large farmhouse.

We designed the home as an ensemble of farmhouses and rural buildings connected by enclosed and open porches. The large and modern home looks as if it were composed of structures that were built over time, and that were then connected. This helps with the overall massing and scale of the compound.

The tidewater farm features river views on three sides and includes its own private pier for the owner's boat.

The Award-Winning Guest House. The guest house of this home looks like an average barn from the road, but the side facing the water is made completely of glass. It won the Best of Houzz Design award.

BuilderLynbrook of Annapolis

Photography: Pete Albert

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