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Rustic Barn House House

Kimmel Studio Transforms Old Barn into Stylish Rustic House

This clever conversion transforms an old and dark barn into a comfortable home.

This barn was originally built to serve as a garage for auto mechanics. With time the cars found another home, and the barn became a dark and disorganized storage shed.

The owners wanted to infuse new life into the space. The design by Kimmel Studio transformed it into an informal yet sophisticated multi-purpose space.

Because Kimmel Studio added a sleeping loft, a small kitchen and a full bath, the barn can easily function as a guesthouse. The open floor plan also makes it suitable to become a space for entertainment, or even a room where to simply relax and watch a movie.

Exposed timber beams add texture and depth to the space. Together with the pitched ceilings, they create the barn-style that gives character to the house. In contrast with these, the new custom stair adds a modern twist to the gorgeous converted barn.

The design was completed with expansive windows and doors, which play two equally important roles: they act as sources of natural light and they blend the living space with its rural setting.

Kimmel Studio also designed other barn houses, including a highly-original guest house that has a side which is completely made of glass.

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