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Modern Barn House

This contemporary barn home obtained the Best of Houzz design award,

and was featured by Annapolis Home and by Dering Hall.

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In his article "Guest Barn on the Bay," Tom Levine describes the feeling conveyed by the barn and its setting:

"With its simple geometry and bucolic setting overlooking a quiet river of the Eastern Shore, this gem at the edge of a field could easily be mistaken for a working barn. Vertical wood cladding leads the eye upward. A silo is wrapped in corrugated steel and secured with cables set at uneven intervals that gradually increase as they march up the silo, replicating an actual farm silo. Opening a pair of two-story barn doors on the gable end, you could easily imagine tractors, farm animals, bales of hay and the silo filled with corn. But when you slide open the doors, you find a recessed glass vestibule framing a sophisticated modern interior and a glass wall at the far end with views of the river.

This structure is actually a modern guesthouse in the guise of a barn."

The article featuring the design was published in Annapolis Home Magazine.

Builder: Lynbrook of Annapolis

Photography: Pete Albert

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