We think of each design is a a work of art that reflects the needs, sensitivities, and ethos of each client. Clients do not merely hire us to provide a series of blueprints; they instead commission a work of art. Our job is to produce a piece of art which they feel is an extension of themselves.


We don’t think of architecture as competing with nature, but as an art form that can be part of nature. The head of our team, Devin Kimmel, is trained as a landscape architect as well as an architect, and our team is composed of both architects and landscape architects. This exceptional combination of skills results in a holistic approach to design, where nature is not an afterthought but an integral part of the process. The ability to artfully integrate buildings into their landscapes separates Kimmel Studio Architects from the rest.


Most of the houses we design are large. We do welcome the challenge, however, of fashioning small yet elegant spaces. We also develop plans for flats, memorials, museums, restaurants, campuses, sports stadiums — and their gardens. Big or small, traditional or modern, the buildings and gardens we design reflect our clients.