Frequently Asked Questions

What advice would you give to a customer looking to hire an architectural firm like yours?

Our designs aim to reflect our client's thoughts and needs, so do not be afraid to express them and to provide us with candid feedback. 

What is the most common type of project or service your firm provides?

Highly-designed and personalized buildings and gardens. 

In what ways is your architecture environmentally friendly?

We deploy several strategies to make sure our buildings are as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Technologically advanced insulation of the building envelope

  • High-efficiency windows

  • Geothermal heating

  • Ventilation systems designed for efficient heating and cooling

  • Energy-efficient lighting and appliances

  • Water-saving plumbing fixtures

  • Minimal harm to the natural habitat

  • Alternate power sources such as solar power or wind power

  • Non-synthetic, non-toxic materials

  • Locally-obtained and responsibly-harvested woods and stone

  • Engineered lumber

  • Adaptive reuse of older buildings

  • Use of recycled architectural salvage, including reclaimed wood

  • Efficient use of space

  • Low VOC paints

  • Reflective roofing

  • Position of building, windows and landscapes planned to maximize passive solar energy

The leader of our team, Devin Kimmel, started his career as a landscape architect and loves plants and environmentally friendly practices. In a recent residential project, he created an ideal environment for Chesapeake native plants, animals and insects — especially oysters and bees. 

What is the main strength of your architecture firm in terms of how you approach a project?

Our main strength is that we listen. A well-designed home materializes the needs, thoughts and desires of the people who will inhabit it — that is to say, the client. We have accomplished our mission when the client looks at the design and thinks: yes, this is me. In order to achieve this feeling of  recognition, we engage in active listening and we encourage our clients to become active members of the design team. It is their house or their garden, not ours. That is why our designs are so varied: because our clients are so varied.

What is your architecture firm best known for?

We are best know for our artistry. 

What separates your architecture firm from the competition?

We are not as big (or expensive) as some of our most established competitors — but we can provide a level of design that compares to and even exceeds theirs. 

Does your architecture firm offer a warranty or guarantee?

We guarantee that our prices are predictable, and that we will not accumulate surprise billing hours because we will discuss estimated hours and pricing before we start designing. 

What questions do customers most frequently ask you? What is your answer?

Do all high-end architects cost hundreds of thousands of dollars? No. 

Does your architecture firm offer discounts to senior citizens or veterans?

Yes, our architectural firm offers discounts to individuals, foundations or organizations who we feel align with our core values. This includes veterans and senior citizens who are in need of our services. 

Describe an architectural project that your company recently completed. Include challenges and innovative solutions.

We mostly design waterfront and historic homes. The last waterfront home we designed will stand in what is now a dune of sand — we had to consider structural and regulatory aspects from the very beginning. The client is extremely satisfied with the results. The last historic project we worked on was the restoration of a Maryland mansion built in 1705 — one of the few of the region at the time. We are still working on it. Not only do we have to document and design historically appropriate features, but we also write an online newsletter to inform anyone interested on the restoration process. The last time we checked, we had +200 subscribers to the newsletter ( 

Is your firm a member of any associations?

American Institute of Architects, American Society of Landscape Architects, Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, American Society of Architectural Illustrators, and Historic Annapolis. 

Tell us a little about your architecture firm.

We specialize in integrating buildings into their landscapes and their history. 

Has your architecture firm received any awards?

Best of Houzz Design (Residential), Top Architect H&D Portfolio 2018 (Residential), WWI National Memorial Finalist (Institutional) 


      How can we help? 

Please, feel free to contact us.



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