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Beach House

Shingle look provides a classic yet informal look - exactly what the clients were looking for.

After years of fantasizing about a beach house designed just for them, the clients took the steps necessary to make it real. They bought a lot right on the beach, in Lewes, DE. They then hired Annapolis architect Devin Kimmel to design the house. They imagined a vacation home with a classic yet informal look. They also wanted the house to easily blend with the sand dune on which it would sit, and with its neighborhood. Shingle style was the solution.Architect and client worked as a team to personalize the historic aesthetic. They added porches and balconies to lend the house a summery look. You will also see subtle nods to a nautical aesthetics throughout; note the soft curving lines of the roof, and the small, round windows. These touches speak to the client’s love for sailing.

The beach cottage is under construction. Once built, it will sit comfortably on the sand, with its wide windows overlooking the ocean. It will feel as if it has always been there.

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